Rev. Kenneth D. Klaman

Rev Kenneth Klaman had been meditating, praying, and studying—with a burning desire for the answer to his questions: Who or what is God? Why are we here?

Rev. Kenneth's book is profound. It covered many areas of spirituality that are experienced by people of many faiths. It is often a topic discussed by individuals of various faiths during a family gathering or party or other event. This book offers a verification of the supernatural experiences "believe it or not." It is a book you can't put down once you begin. Although, opinions may vary from on person to another, it is interesting and explicit in covering many different areas of spirituality. It is wonderful that Rev. Ken shared this in his new book. It is definitely a great book!

Anita Customer

This book is unlike any spiritual book I have ever read. It is not religious, yet it explains the reasons behind religion and the connection we have to our spiritual selves. I think anyone can relate to and understand the information in this book if you read it with an open mind. This book will be especially beneficial to people who are questioning the doctrine of established religion, or who are wondering if there really is a "God".

Unity Customer

It took over 45 years to write and is a must read book for Advanced Metaphysics. Simple enough for a beginner yet detailed enough for the advanced metaphysics student.

Kenneth Klaman Author


Following the Light: A Guide in Practical Theology

is a guide in practical theology. Theology pertains to the field of study and analysis that examines God-consciousness: its attributes and relationship to the universe.

Kenneth Klaman - Following the Light
Kenneth Klaman - Imagine What your mind can create


IMAGINE What Your Mind Can Create: With Advanced Metaphysics

IMAGINE What A Mind Can Create explains how ones’ thoughts create what we experience in our lives.

Kenneth Klaman - Imagine What your mind can create

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